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happy friday!


it's a wonderful friday here at d*s and the holidays are near, so i just wanted to extend some holiday cheer and kick off the day with a post from creede at grassrootsmodern. thanks, creede!

"The Chroma Table is one of those great simple side tables that is easy to take for granted. Its simple, has clean lines, and is pretty darn cheap. For the price you can probably even afford to get one of each size (small $45 and large $65). Atop the chrome wire bases sit the laminate tops, available in Maple, Expresso, or Amber. My personal favorite of course is the Maple. The only place I have found that carries these is MXYPLYZYK which is a cool store with some great products. They are online, and have a brick and mortar store in New York. Their site is all Flash, and a little slow, but I think its worth it. Available here."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can also buy the Chroma table here
on a non-Flash site for a few $$ cheaper.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous creede said...

I did see that website actually. It looks like the one that they have for sale is the 16" for $60. MXYPLYZYK has the 16" for $45 and the 24" for $65.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guys should have finished their design courses,krimminy what ever happened to good design,Corbusier is probably weeping in his grave.best I can give is an 80%

the Janitor

12:28 AM  

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