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hive design


521 design's chris ferebee and gubi of denmark teamed up to produce a new series of shelving called the "The HiveH2". h2 builds on the original "hive" concept of bent aluminum and walnut veneer storage units and allows them to be combined together in a number of ways to create customizable storage/entertainment center units. it's such a classic, clean design that i think is worth investing in if you have the money and the inclination to create a unique, customizable storage system. perfect for long walls that need expandable storage or spaces that need to have stacked systems to make the most of a tight space. you can find more info here at 521 design and at gubi's website. be sure to check out gubi's cinal coffee tables that match the hive system perfectly. enjoy!




Blogger miranda said...

I really love the look of these. However, as with so many of the other very "designy" shelf sets that have come out lately, they really aren't that good for books... the rounded corners are the problem, because whatever book is set there will warp in some way. So, they should just be used for things like storage boxes and pretty vases.

5:33 AM  

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