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marimekko, meet fatboy

fatboy-marimekko-KAIVO RED

billing itself as the world's first modern couture beanbag, a brand new design from beanbag design studio, fatboy combines iconic fabrics from legendary finnish design house, marimekko with their popular oversized beanbags. debuting at the nyc gift fair (booth 3848), the marimekko/fatboy collaboration includes three color/pattern options: kaivo red, unikko black and unikko red (each selling for $299 a piece). with larger dimensions (55 x 70 inches) that a traditional bean bag, fatboy's designs are meant to act as a luxurious lounge, pillow or even a (small) spare bed. you can see these new offerings from marimekko and fatboy at the giftfair, or check out the collection at fatboy's website. enjoy!

fatboy-marimekko - UNIKKO RED

[i'm stuck at the gift fair today so i'll be posting my picks of the show tomorrow...and survey winners will be announced tomorrow, too! thanks again to everyone for filling out the survey, i really appreciate it!]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those fatboy ones are quite similar to http://www.sumolounge.com with the big red tag and all. I don't know who came first, though.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone have an original fatboy? I wonder just how funcitonal they are as daily furniture. And it would be nice to hear a review with someone who has lived with one for awhile.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I do have one Original Fatboy.
I have it for 3 months or so and I use it everyday.
I don't have to clean it (maybe that's because I'm clean), my dog can't climb on it (althought he LOVES laying on furniture he is forbidden to use), and I use it as a desk chair. That's the worst idea ever. (too low, too unconvinient And I keep on using it for that.
I love relax on it.
The best thing to do with it, is watching tv or play videogames.
So far, I don't regret having bought it.
Other questions ? mail me : tony (at) atchoupitchou (dot) com

8:57 PM  
Blogger lionel.auguste@gmail.com said...

where could i find the marrimekko one in New York for a decent price?

bye the way, i love your blog.


1:56 PM  

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