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i was doing some research last night and came across autoban, an instanbul based architecture, interior design and product design studio. autoban is comprised of a team of 6 designers who create unique, streamlined furniture that combines clean, minimalist forms with splashes of color and fabric. their work with furniture design is my favorite- each piece is pared down to its most essential forms with a twist- be it a curved back or a touch of red or green detailing. i think they're definitely worth checking out, so click here for more info on autoban. enjoy!







Anonymous Anonymous said...

The top two chairs look good, but also look EXTREMELY uncomforable. The arms look pretty thin, and I can just imagine hitting my funny bone each time I put my arms up to hold a book. The other chairs look much more "use friendly"

9:50 PM  
Anonymous maryam said...

I think that these are beeeeyooooteeful! If only they sold in the US.....RATS!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Peter Reynolds said...

I especially like the rocking chair. It would be a good project to make one of these chairs. It's two sides could be cut at the same time from two sheets of wood.

7:59 PM  
Blogger bething* said...

i like what they do with House cafe in Istanbul..its my favourite cafe and they really know how to market their stuff.
Also they make tshirts witn those silhouettes (see in in their site) but they dont sell!! grrr :)

1:51 AM  

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