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small factory design


brooklyn is constantly churning out great designers and i wanted to highlight another furniture designer making waves in the scene. small factory design's curt meissner graduated from pratt with an ID degree and now designs custom furniture for clients from his brooklyn studio. these latest pieces, the pandabox collection, are made almost entirely of eco-friendly materials. curt used bamboo plywood, eco-intelligent© fabric (produced in a no-waste closed loop manufacturing process), re-purposed padding made of shredded denim (blue jeans), doors made of a plastic similar to bakelite that uses recycled paper, uncoated aluminum legs and shelves, and of course, a natural wax finish. he also designed the pieces to be readily disassembled with a nod to future recycling and re-use. these pieces above and below (the little twin cub and the big twin cub) are perfect for storing all of your audio visual needs, or providing some extra storage and seating where you need it. as part of a collaboration with brooklyn's swigg design, small factory produced these pieces with designer stephanie wenzel and combined curt's clean industrial look with stephanie's playful modern textiles. you can find more information on small factory design right here and stephanie's swigg designs right here. enjoy! [thanks, curt!]




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