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nathan kushner

BW No. 2 385 pixels front turn

ontario's nathan kushner designs modern furniture that focuses on beautiful, high quality materials and simple, clean forms. having studied furniture manufacturing and design all across north america, nathan eventually settled in ontario where he now works as an assistant for furniture designer michael fortune. what i enjoy most about nathan's work is the attention to detail and the clean, sweeping forms he uses. the chair above and below, bentwood no.2, is a wonderful example of nathan's craftmanship. you can click here for more info. [thanks, nathan!]

[new project hit a slight snag today, will be up tomorrow! hooray!]

BW No. 2 385 pixels front



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both his chairs look like the styling was borrowed from Ross Lovegrove's Go chair. Seems to close to be an accident. See Linky for Go chair


9:00 PM  
Blogger Out of the Box Designs said...

I'm sure I've missed a few entries...but have you ever looked at the masterpieces of Sam Maloof? He built his house just like he does his furniture and the county of San Bernadino, CA had to pay to have him relocated because they wanted to build a freeway over his property. Ha! His pieces are beautiful. I've had a hard time finding good stuff online, but this does *some* justice:

It's wonderful to look back, every once and awhile, at artists who work with their hands...real craftsmen...the true masters!

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really like that chair. however the straight part of the arms i think could somehow be made a little more curvy - to me the flow seems somewhat interrupted. other than that it is beautiful

2:55 AM  
Anonymous nathaN said...

Good eye,

anonymous writer noticed similarities to Lovegrove's chair. Ross among others, had been a designer that i researched while enroled in the Furniture program at Sheridan College in southern ontario.

8:45 PM  

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