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sherwood furniture


as if ms. angela wasn’t producing enough beautiful pieces, she’s also involved with a line of furniture that really caught my eye this morning. not brand new by any means, but definitely worth checking out, the sherwood furniture collection is part of angela’s “collection”. angela describes the collection as, “the core on which the company was founded. inspirations for this line stem from the philosophy that we are surrounded by beauty and it is simply a matter of having the peace of mind to see it.” all collection products, including the furniture, are handcrafted, made to order, and configured to customer specifications. what i love most is the way the furniture coordinates so perfectly with adams’ existing rug and textile line- it’s synchronicity like this that lets you really see an artist’s entire vision. click here for more info on the sherwood furniture line and here for more info on angela’s beautiful line of textiles. enjoy! [psst: blogger seems to have the hiccups today so please pardon large gaps in posting]





Anonymous Anonymous said...

The furniture in the Sherwood Collection is made by Angela's husband.

8:14 AM  

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