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alice stevenson

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after yesterday's post [via print+pattern] i was a posessed woman. i immediately emailed alice stevenson and asked if i could buy some of her work to frame for our little apartment. she was as sweet as she is talented and i'm now the proud (almost) owner of these two prints. i'm planning to frame them and put them in the bedroom. they remind me of my childhood in virginia beach (the fish, sandpipers, sailboats), which is a comforting touch when you live far away in the city. so, if you're interested in buying digital prints of any alice's gorgeous prints, click here to email her (prints range from appx. $94-$188 a piece). also, if you need some tips on buying artwork, shop etc. asked me for my two cents and there's a whole bunch of good advice right here. enjoy!

[we're off to ocean grove for the weekend. see you monday. click here if you need any more weekend eye candy. oh, and mary jo at trust your style was sweet enough to request a little mini-interview with me- you can click here to read the full thing. xo, d*s]

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Blogger Cassie said...

Having grown up in Virginia Beach myself, I completely identify with your remarks. I rarely go to the beach, but when I hear the cackling of sea gulls, I'm completely transported back to the carefree summer vacations I experienced as a young girl.

12:17 PM  

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