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new at 2modern


2modern just finished a total site overhaul and added some new products while they were at it. i've long been a fan of brooklyn's brave space design so it's nice to see their new eco-friendly hollow coffee table and bamboo shelving unit. their furniture is always so clean and simple- a good thing for furniture that requires a little bit of saving up for most of us (i think at a certain point it's good for everyone to consider investing in a more expensive piece of furniture they'll keep for 10-15 years). tobi wood (who shared her debut card line with d*s in 2005) also has some mod art canvases in lovely earth tones like olive, rust and chocolate brown. click here to see the full collection.






Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only invest in something that's more expensive if it will increase or retain its value! Just because you pay more doesn't mean it's necessarily worth it!

Some stuff you just pay for the name!

I think it's good to spend more on things where quality matters. Chairs take a lot of stress. You shouldn't buy cheap ones. You would normally put a lot of stress on a table, you can save here... and so forth...

But I think the IKEA home after a certain point is kind of...college dormy. At some point, even if it's bit by bit, you should save up to buy pieces you really like, regardless of the cost. Just as long as their well made.

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