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new: alyssa ettinger

ok, so i lied, i'll be posting regular things today- i'll just be closing up early when the jet lag kicks in. alyssa ettinger was kind enough to share a brand new design with us: the debut of her knitware white bowl collection. adding on to her beautiful knitware series (the coasters and cups were big hit here in august) alyssa recently added a new bowl to the series as well as the vases (which were on AT a few weeks back). alyssa's bowls are always my favorite so i'm thrilled to debut them here. you can find more information on the series (and contact alyssa to buy her work) right here. [thanks, a]

[stay tuned for a new sneak peek from two of my favorite bloggers]



Blogger Susan Schwake said...

so pretty to add to the collection! can't wait to see them in person...

8:52 PM  

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