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tgif + weekly roundup

it's been a busy week here at d*s- i'm finally getting close to relaunching the site (yay!) so i've been resizing photos and categorizing all of my old 4,103 posts (eek!). in the meantime i'm gathering some more sneak peeks for next week and working on some new guides. i'll also be announcing some biz lady dates next monday so stay tuned for that. i'm off to finish up painting our dining room- i'm planning on the first post of the new d*s being a tour of our house so i'm trying to get everything ready. until then, here's a roundup of this week's highlights and some other links around the web. have a great weekend!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

4,103 posts?!?!?!

I am truly blown away. Thank you SO much for providing so many of us with ideas, resources and inspiration. Your dedication and consistency is outstanding! :)

2:08 PM  

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