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number crunching...


i'm a survey monkey today and i'll be hiding behind a calculator tabulating the results of the d*s survey until around 2. i'll be posting the results this afternoon, along with some great new products. thanks again to everyone who took the time to fill it out! xo, d*s

[update: taking a bit longer than i'd hoped (so many responses!), so i'll be back tomorrow with the full results, and winners!]


designer emulation kits


designed by mark mckenna, the designer emulation kits are a fun little diy project where users can take part in the design process to create your own "design classic" by assembling a tiny kit that resembles a famous design object. after assembly, you can attach the model to a 9-volt battery (not included, ugh) and the whole thing will light up! fun little way to pay homage to some of the great designs of our time. you can purchase the modellucellino table lamp by ingo maurer right here for $26. more designs to be available soon...






the lovely chicago based gang at binth has come out with a great new design for parents- a hip, modern baby book. with beautiful drawings that combine clean lines and flora and fauna, binth's baby book is a wonderful way to celebrate a new birth. handcrafted with 52 pages and its own matching green keepsake box, the binth baby book costs $110 and is available online right here. enjoy!


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busy bee, no gift fair for me


sadly the office was too busy today that i was sent back to deal with some stuff going on here. it means i wasn't able to cover the gift fair (!) like i'd wanted, but it does mean i'm here to post. i'll be adding some gift fair posts soon, when i get more images from companies..etc. so i can spare you from my horrible photography skills...

this beauty is from icelandic designer, gudrun lilja gunnlaugsdottir of studiobility. she'll be exhibiting this piece (among others) at imm cologne and wanted to share them with the d*s community. part of her "flat pak antiques" collection, this flat mac table houses all your desk accessories in the most streamlined way possible. with spots for your laptop, mousepad and mouse, it's a nifty little way to cover up your home office in style. sure beats the monster of a desk i just bought at ikea. damn damn my budget! for more information on studiobility please click right here. enjoy!

studiobility 2



marimekko, meet fatboy

fatboy-marimekko-KAIVO RED

billing itself as the world's first modern couture beanbag, a brand new design from beanbag design studio, fatboy combines iconic fabrics from legendary finnish design house, marimekko with their popular oversized beanbags. debuting at the nyc gift fair (booth 3848), the marimekko/fatboy collaboration includes three color/pattern options: kaivo red, unikko black and unikko red (each selling for $299 a piece). with larger dimensions (55 x 70 inches) that a traditional bean bag, fatboy's designs are meant to act as a luxurious lounge, pillow or even a (small) spare bed. you can see these new offerings from marimekko and fatboy at the giftfair, or check out the collection at fatboy's website. enjoy!

fatboy-marimekko - UNIKKO RED

[i'm stuck at the gift fair today so i'll be posting my picks of the show tomorrow...and survey winners will be announced tomorrow, too! thanks again to everyone for filling out the survey, i really appreciate it!]


gift fair...

gift fair logo

this is it for me today- i have to gear up for our last ikea trip tomorrow and the gift fair this weekend and monday. i just wanted to add- if you're going to be at the gift fair, drop a line below- i'll be there and would love to meet some of you! also, i'll be covering the show for d*s, so look for great new products on monday and tuesday! oh! and today is the last day for the survey, so if you haven't entered for the chance to win one of four great prizes, ENTER HERE! thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

gift fair preview..


since my survey (thanks for entering!) is telling me that a third of this wonderful audience is either pregnant or already has a household brimming with children (or at least one child), i figured this might be right up some of your alleys. nurseryworks, the los angeles-based company that specializes in modern "adaptable furnishings for the under-five set", is debuting three new pieces at the nyc gift fair this weekend (booth 44041) designed for the over five crowd: a twin trundle bed, storage box and nightstand. designed by lawson-fenning, the new collection is simple, modern and perfect for adding a polished, modern look to a young child's room (or yours- well the beside table and storage unit at least). you can out more about nurseryworks (and order their bedding) right here. this collection won't debut officially until this weekend, so look for it online after the show. enjoy!






gingko leaves have always had a special place in my heart. after a disasterous first semester as an art major, i finally found my niche in intaglio printing and worked on a print inspired by bright yellow ginkgo leave falling outside my dormroom. the print is now hanging in my parent's dining room and reminds me of a good time in my life when i felt proud of something i created artistically. this jewelry from maria jauhiainen reminds me of that- elegant, graceful and with such clean, simple lines. maria's jewelry is inspired by organic forms and showcases the beauty of simple designs inspired by nature. you can contact 2jane for purchasing and prices. enjoy! [be sure to check out her beautiful lehti bowls as well]




emma jeffs


i've written about emma jeffs' work before in the context of 2jane's adhesive lace film for windows. i was browsing their new additions and decided to investigate her work a bit more closely. the lace patterns intrigued me (being someone that has windows that face many, many other peoples' windows) because they provided a sense of privacy without totally frosting out a window, and they gave it a nice bit of pattern. but i wasn't loving the lacey pattern as much. but then i checked out jeffs' website and found she makes two other designs that i enjoyed much much more.


specializing in "surface material design", jeffs designs her adhesive films in three patterns: lace, otto and pixel. lace is nice, but otto and pixel caught my eye. otto, inspired by chiselled wooden screens found within islamic countries, tries to, "capture the hand made quality of these decorative designs within this translucent material for the modern home". available in taupe grey, crisp white and bright pink (better for kids' rooms i think), otto is a wonderful way to discreetly cover a window that needs a bit of cover...


pixel is my favorite design of jeffs' because it reminds me of the windows in my elementary school girls' bathroom. i know, doesn't sound appealing, but i LOVED our bathrooms in elementary school- they were a beautiful peachy pink and the windows (because they faced the playground) were faceted in tiny octagons with a nice frosty finish. i know, design geek from the get go. pixel is available in taupe grey, crisp white and turquoise. each film costs around $84 and a few patterns are on sale for half that. you can browse emma's entire collection right here. enjoy! [thanks to d*s reader, eleanor for reminding me to check 2jane again!]



jatta lavi


thanks to rena for sending me a link to designer, jatta lavi. based in a small studio in helsinki, lavi produces beautiful porcelain vessels that look delicate but are actually intended for everyday use and can be washed in the dishwasher. lavi specializes in smaller designs because, "i like to make small objects that one can pick up to have a closer look and feel the material". you can find more information on lavi's work right here. thanks, rena!







seth of sparrowcast was nice enough to include me as part of one of his podcasts for and about the creative community. aside from the fact that i sound like a rambling teenager in sections, i thought some of you might get a kick out of it (or enjoy a good laugh on me). it's surreal to hear your own voice talk about design for minutes and minutes on end. thanks so much to seth for including me- and sandwiching my interview between two really great songs. you can listen to the podcast right here, it takes a few seconds to load after you click "direct download". thanks, seth!

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contest logo

just a quick reminder, if you have time, and haven't done it already, i would be most appreciative if you could take a few minutes to fill out the d*s reader survey. four lucky readers will one of the follwing great prizes: a table from modernseed, a modern cookie jar from sparkability, an inhabit pillow from 2modern and a $75 gift certificate from iluren.

click here to fill out the survey. tomorrow is the last day, promise. thanks, guys!

room and board


in my dream world our living room would be big enough to fit a sectional sofa- the type that allows for both ac and myself to lie down comfortably without one of us being scrunched up against the arm of the couch. in that dream world i'd own either the jasper or klein sofa from room and board. the jasper is sleek, modern and has the cutest little wooden legs around, while the klein is just screaming, "come take a nap on me! i'm so comfortable!". sadly they're both way above my price range, but i've been drooling over them for some time, wishing that they detatched so i could get them through our ridiculously skinny hallway and into our living room (where they probably would block the closet door because the room's so narrow. but, a girl can dream, yeah?


probably more within my reach is the trusty grace chair (love the name) with its clean lines and comfy boucle upholstery. though at nearly $900, i'll be saving up for a long time...but, perhaps some of you could afford a new grace in your home?

[on another note, i did get to live ONE dream of mine last night- ac surprised me by taking me to wd-50 (we had the tasting menus-yum!). i'm one lucky girl.]



area home


area home designs the most luxurious, understated bedding. with a collection that includes a wide range of neutral colors in materials like linen, area has your sophisticated bedding needs covered. if beige, grey and pale blue doesn't do it for you, they have some colorful patterns for you as well...more info online (and retailers near you) right here. enjoy!





ray rug


color, anyone? how about this multi-colored ray rug from chiasso online? backordered for 4 days, it will be available on january 30 for $318 at chiasso.




gorgeous hand printed linen pillows from brooklyn based design studio, twenty2. to be debuted at the nyc gift fair this weekend...i'll be there, will you?





while discussing the pros and cons of a trip to ikea with the ny times' rob walker last night, i was tipped off to this ikea-fanatic site. run by armand b. frasco, a northern illinois resident working in the healthcare field (and creater of "the world's premier fan site for moleskine notebooks"), positive fanastics is the unofficial ikea web journal. here's a description from the site:

"For most of us it starts with the catalog. Or a word overheard. The anticipation builds. Then the inevitable pilgrimage to the yellow-and-blue building. Wherever we heard it first, IKEA intrigues, excite the senses and incites people into action. This web journal will document how the world perceives IKEA, the brand and the lifestyle. This is a site for us to share the latest product news, our musings and photos. It is intended to be fun so put down that Allen wrench for a while and commune with us."

an interesting concept and an even more interesting website from someone who clearly hasn't had the classic ikea breakdown in the kitchen section while debating the merits of a wall-mounted dishrack. the site takes its name an essay ("Positive Fanatics") by ikea founder ingvar kamprad and whether you hate that infamous blue and yellow building or can't get enough of your impossible to pronounce furniture the site is fun to check out. click here to read positive fanataics..it's certainly a trip.. [thanks to rob for the tip]

urban goes glam?


while browsing urban outfitter's new selections for the home i was surprised to see a series of mirrored furniture- and a brand new deluxe chandelier. it looks like urban is glamming it up a bit with pieces that resemble another company under their parent co's umbrella- anthropologie. now, i haven't seen these pieces in person yet so i can't speak to their construction quality (and i'm sure many of you will have plenty to say about urban's quality..)- but i at least like the look of the new pieces. while i'm not in love with the golf ball style lightbulbs of the chandelier, i'm enjoying seeing pieces with a bit more sophistication. i'm finding that as i decorate my own place i'm being drawn more and more to pieces that have an antique look or at least a bit more sophisticated flair. the chandelier is going for $140 and the mirrored pieces from $200- $360, so i'm not sure if they're worth the dough until i see them in person (which i plan on doing this weekend), but i'm enjoying the new look. click here to browse urban's home collection.




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illu stration

04 STARLIGHTlight felt 100% pure new wool

more beautiful wool felt designs from illu stration's mary-ann williams: the sconcigli daybed, sconcigli cushion and starlight lights made of 100% wool felt. you can find more information and view illu stration's full collection right here. (you have to register to view the full site...i know, not fun)

02 SCONCIGLI daybed felt 100% pure new wool

03 SCONCIGLI cushion felt 100% pure new wool



contest logo

just a quick reminder, if you have time , and haven't done it already, i would be most appreciative if you could take a few minutes to fill out the d*s reader survey. it's only once a year and four lucky readers will one of the follwing great prizes: a table from modernseed, a modern cookie jar from sparkability, an inhabit pillow from 2modern and a $75 gift certificate from iluren.

click here to fill out the survey. thanks, guys- we've had close to 1,500 entries so far, i'd love to top 2,000! thanks!



snazzy little porcelain napkin holders from dinner-ware. at only $8 a pop, these little guys are well worth checking out. available in 6 patterns (alphabet, star flowers, pinwheel, flowers, sunburst and mod dot), the napkin holders are available right here. enjoy (even on a budget)!



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