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more missoni


i just can't get enough of the missoni home collection. so much color and pattern. these patterned black and white plates at neiman marcus are perfect for summer dining. $27-$44 a piece right here. happy summer eating!

[i have to run to the doctor before my vacation- great timing for an earache- so i'll be back tomorrow morning to post before our plane leaves!]


butter and grey


i'm loving butter yellow and grey together these days. they're such a nice, subtle color combination. these knobs and rugs at anthropologie are perfect for implementing the trend on a small scale and are great for sprucing up a little space in your home. click here for more on the knobs and here for the rug.



oh joy!


joy is on top of the tabletop game today- she posted some gorgeous plates and cups by british design studio lovely lovely. what an appropriate name! i love the colorful lacey patterns. click here for more info. [images and link from joy]





i don't know how frida does it, but she always comes up with the best links. this week she wrote about french design studio walldesign. they design the most gorgeous wall decorations, but i can't tell if they're decals or stencils. does anyone speak french who can help translate? either way they're great wednesday eye candy. thanks to frida for the great find!





rare animals cardset


imaginery friends, the studio that brought you the gorgeous rare flowers cardset is now bringing you a brand new set called rare animals. with 8 options to choose from, you can't go wrong. i'm loving the elephant, so cool. $22 for a pack of all 8 at elsewares. enjoy!



parsons design review


the following parsons student design review was submitted by d*s reader marissa. thanks so much, marissa!

For the past three years, seniors in the Parsons Product Design department have been working in collaboration with nonprofit organizations to explore the potential of design to bring about social change. What follows is a sampling of thesis work from the graduating class. Students' text has been edited for brevity.


This project proposes soap formed in the shape of a landmine, that will be sold to raise money for Adopt-A-Minefield while also raising people's awareness of the problem. The soap diminishes and finally disappears with use; this is a metaphor to show that if people contribute to the campaign against landmines, they will cleanse the earth of landmines. You can contact Hideaki here.


PAPANATAS is a multifunctional furniture set that includes four stools and a table-top. It is inspired by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) labor in Aceh, Indonesia. PAPANATAS' purpose is to convey the spirit of 'child friendly spaces' - a concept developed by the IRC - in a set of furniture. To learn more about Javier’s project, email him here.


The Emotional Skin wall system increases the sense of comfort in elevators. The elevator is a public space packed with emotions, most of which are negative. Redesigning the interior walls and display using emotional design can improve the experience of the elevator ride. If you would like to contact Mihoko, you can reach her here.


The Green Links system is comprised of a series of modular nature collecting kits that are utilized in conjunction with a wearable collecting pack and a computer interface hub. Green Links is intended to complement and expand the environmental education programs at The Nature Conservancy. To contact Kim about her project, email here.


Couples whose sex lives have become routine may explore their sexuality using the Erota seat and lounge. Sexually ergonomic principles and environmental geometric principles have been adapted to modern style furnishing. You can contact Bo here.


The Cupcollector is part of a system for the collection and recycling of wax-coated paper cups. It is intended to raise consciousness of consumers and businesses so they will ultimately take responsibility for their recyclable waste. To contact Risa about the Cupcollector, email her here.


Birds of a Feather is a series of kits that sequentially build children's sewing skills. One of the kits, featured above, creates a bird finger puppet that flaps its wings and encourages interactive play. This project was developed in collaboration with Jennifer Lee's 1st and 2nd grade class and the Stanley Isaacs after school program. To learn more about Marissa's project, visit here.





dutch designer timo voorhuis just sent along this cool new vase he designed. thought you guys might get a kick out of it. i'm waiting on purchase info so i'll have that asap. in the meantime, it's just some fun tuesday afternoon eye candy.

[i'm heading out to pick up a renewed passport and a meeting with hg so i'll be back tomorrow. enjoy the summer weather!]


design review: thoughts?


i met designer caleb dawson when i spoke at the idsa chicago conference. he would very much like to get the d*s audience's opinion of his latest piece, a coffee table designed with his wife in mind. caleb mostly designs consumer goods for transportation/medical/electronics markets, but this is his first stab at a completed furniture piece. [the table is mostly CNC routed 3/4" MDF pieces. They are held in alignment with 1/2" dowels and fastened to each other with drywall screws and wood glue. The dimensions are 47" X 28" X 17". If he has another chance to build another one, he's going to try wheatboard (a sustainable material) instead of MDF]. there's a complete photo set right here, so take a look and if you have time, please let caleb know what you think. and remember- constructive criticism and conversation is always welcome, but rudeness and comments like "this sucks" are not. [thanks for asking our opinion caleb!]





a fun spin on the traditional piggy bank- 366cm's save money bank has pre-cut lines along which you can saw to retrieve your hidden stash. requires you to have a saw but hey, some of you might? available right here for 32 euros plus shipping. thanks, vincent!



by fribert


tivoli also added some great new patterns from by fribert today. i'm loving these fun summer napkins ($8) and petal table runner ($54). click here for the full collection.





brooklyn's designGO studio introduced a fun new product called the door splat this year. made of 100% rubber, the door splat comes in five playful colors that would be perfect for a child's room. the door splat won third prize in the umbra-pratt design competition this year and was designed by mino kodama, peter pracilio and ian collings of pratt. together they make up designGO and you can find more info on them and the door splat right here. enjoy!



kragh rosenberg at tivoli home


kenneth at tivoli home added some great new kragh rosenberg textiles to his online selection. i remember a year ago when we all lamented not being able to find kragh stateside, but now tivoli has brought a huge selection to us (along with koo de kir). these new pieces range from $12-$84 and are available right here. thanks for the tip, kenneth. [i still wish i could get the bright purple linens, though!]




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european vacation


hi guys! i hope you're all enjoying the holiday today. ac and i are getting geared up to leave for a much needed vacation on thursday so i though i'd reach out to you guys and see if you might be able to help us with some recs for the trip! we'll be in paris and amsterdam june 2-12 and would really appreciate any tips on great shops, restaurants and destinations you've visited (they don't have to be design related)! we're staying in the marias and then montmartre in paris and we'll be in amsterdam for my 25th birthday on june 9th, so if you know any fun restaurants or bars for that night, i'd be most appreciative. thanks so much guys, we're so excited!

[i'll be posting once a day while i'm gone, but the lovely kate klapfish of three square design will be doing the posting for me. i need a break from the computer so i won't be answering emails or blogging while i'm away for the week. ps: kate's a fantastic newsletter and web designer if you ever need someone!]



design week: the last hurrah


this week has been a blur of fabulous (and some not-so-fabulous) design. with icff, sideshows and the stationery show, we've all been inundated with some really fantastic new furniture, lighting, stationery and accessories. today will be my final icff highlights, but if you're looking for some more icff coverage, be sure to check out apartment therapy and mocoloco. they've already got some galleries and interviews going, so you're sure to get your icff fix between the three of us. so, the last throws of icff! [the lamp above is by designer jed crystal]


[sarah cox from arch record tests out the gorgeous rugs at nanimarquina]


[very cool wood and ceramic vase/shelf at the idsa ny booth. will find name asap]


[these salt and pepper shakers were HUGE in person]


[simple bent ply shelves at small pond]


[the truss table at context. perfect for modern picnics]


[great industrial looking felt bench at the idsa booth. more details to come]


[gorgeous pillows (as always) from designer anne kyyro quinn]


[d*s tour member katrika designed the pda/scanner device all the booths used to scan industry creds. go, katrika!]




[designer piet houtenbos at modernlink was on FIRE with crazy cool furniture designs. his pieces were all about public versus private storage. everything had a beautiful hidden storage departments or shelves that slid out of nowhere to reveal even more hidden storage. very handy and beautifully crafted. video from this booth to come]



stationery show: oops!


in the maze of rows i managed to miss a few booths i definitely wanted to visit. one was whimsy press- the ladies at whimsy were kind enough to pass along these pictures of their adorable booth. pictured above are: patricia mendelsohn, john mitchell, lisa maloof and wendy sugarman. thanks guys! [aren't those dog wrapping papers the best?]



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