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wall flats


i got an email from mike at inhabit this week- inhabit debuted their wall flats tile system at icff to a huge success but i hadn't got a chance to see the professional photos. now that they're out i thought it'd be fun to share! inhabit's wall flats are embossed tiles made of paper that you can cut and shape to size. just peel and stick them to your walls and you've got a fun decoration that can be removed (but not reused) when you're done. if you're a renter like me and are worried about too much clean up afterwards, mike suggests attaching the tiles with 3m's super 77 glue. you can browse and shop the full collection right here. enjoy! [i have a meeting so i have to run. i'll be back tomorrow for a few special weekend posts. happy 4th!]





blu dot just launched two great new desks as part of their modulicious collection. the deskette and power desk are fun ways to bring that classic blu dot look to your home. you can choose from a number of colors for the powder coated steel doors and three different colored finishes for the wood. prices range from $1399-$1599. enjoy!



georgie love: indie aussies


sally at georgie love emailed me this week and i was thrilled to find out about her fantastic e-commerce site that supports independent australian artists. georgie love is named after sally's beautiful rescue pup, georgie and the site carries accessories, artwork, stationery and more. the prices are really reasonable and you can find some great indie finds for your home. georgie love ships overseas, so feel free to look around and see if anything suits your fancy (i loved the handmade jewelry holders). enjoy! [thanks, sally!]


kleo + ava


i really can't get enough of these colorful patterns this summer. i'm feeling the urge to reupholster practically everything i own with something colorful and summery. these two new fabrics at repro are fun and affordable: kleo and ava are both available for $8.50 a yard and would look great as pillows, used for funky roman shades or as upholstery for a bench, stool or maybe even a little breakfast nook. click here for more info. enjoy! [ps: i may be getting the grace chair, i'm so excited!]



wren handmade


rena just reminded me about this great company fetaured in blueprint (which i hear has lost an editor or two and isn't doing well...). wren handmade is run by brooklyn based artist laura normandin (who lives in my neighborhood!)- normandin designs gorgeous handmade pillows, hairpins and accessories that are perfect for adding a nice handmade touch to your home. normandin has been the craft editor at martha stewart living for 8 years, so you know she knows her stuff. you can click here for more info on wren handmade and laura normandin. [hooray for fantastic local artists!]





lena + rena podcast!

lena and rena

this past tuesday i was lucky enough to sit down with both lena corwin and rena tom for special dual d*s podcast. lena was gracious enough to invite us to her (beautiful) home in fort greene to conduct the interview (thanks, lena!). it was extremely exciting for me to get two of my favorite brooklyn artists into one room to talk about their work, the design industry and their dream projects. want to know what lena and rena have in their homes, what lena's new project is and why rena decided to start a shop for independent designers? CLICK HERE to find out and listen to the dual lena and rena podcast! and don't forget to sign up for the d*s newsletter (going out this weekend) for an exclusive 10 minute extended interview with rena and lena. enjoy! [thanks to rena and lena for their time!]

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beautiful lacy lights from swedish group storelight. plenty of beautiful styles to check out. [via husmusen]



fantastic (affordable) art


if there's one thing i tend to invest in the most these days, it would be prints. with the advent of sites like tiny showcase, a whole world of affordable indie art has opened up to habitual online shoppers like myself. i recently discovered we*heart*prints and am now totally hooked. whp tracks and posts affordable prints with links for where you can buy online. most prices are $30 and under, so for that price, you can grab a few as gifts or just to add some personality to a room that needs it. i highly, highly suggest checking out their main page and archives for some great prints. everyone can use a little affordable art (that supports independent artists!). enjoy- i'll be back tomorrow with a great new podcast! [print above by artist rachell sumpter]


tube top lamps


who doesn't like a good tube top? well, lamp that is. i like these little pablo tube top lamps at design public ($100-$270)- the smooth acrylic base is joined by a modern mesh shade that makes for a simple, stylish lamp. available in a dark and light version, the lamp can be pre-ordered on the site right now for delivery in august.

[for some more cool lighting, check out this range on my hg blog today]



cup of tea


i'm editing yesterday's podcast so i'm going to have a cup of tea and work with audacity. be back in a bit, but in the meantime, what a lovely teapot for your tea! $49.95 at herb and ginger (a great online tea shop). enjoy!


faux horn alternatives

horn bowl

i love these horn bowls at sprout home. the only problem is i'm really uncomfortable with the idea of using water buffalo horns for decoration. does anyone know of any good faux horn resources? i've seen similar looks made of plastic, but can't seem to find any good ones online. some people are unfortable even with the idea of faux horn, but i really like the look and find the plastic versions to be just as stylish without the horn harvesting and with the added bonus of a cheaper price tag.


d*s reader recs


lots of reader recs this week- summer's coming so people are redecorating and traveling. if you have any feedback or tips for the following readers, feel free to share. thanks guys!

  • d*s reader erin is heading to china for vacation. she'll be in beijing and shanghai- anyone have great design ideas for that area? (frida?)
  • colleen is looking for a great modern fireplace for her home. something not too space-agey but still sleek and modern. ideas below 2k would be awesome.
  • andree is looking for a chic, design-friendly b&b in the cape cod area, but may also be open to great stylish b&b's in new hampshire, rhode island and maine. any ideas?
  • and last but not least, meredith is looking for a great upholstered chair: "I’m in the market for a new chair!! Something comfy, but clean (ie, not terribly overstuffed). I love the Grace Chair at Room and Board, but my couch is black and my floors are dark, so I think some color (and even pattern!) could be good. My price range on this is probably up to about $900 and I’m definitely looking for quality. I’m desperate for ideas! Thank you!!!"



alexander henry


i've been digging alexander henry fabrics lately. they're a little out there, but there are some cool ones mixed in there. i'm loving "lady's chambers" these days. totally girly, but perfect for upholstering a vanity seat or a curtain in a feminine bathroom. i love the black and white. available right here! enjoy! [i'm running out to record a podcast, back tomorrow!]



corey arnold


as ac can tell you, i have something of an obsession with the discovery channel show "deadliest catch" about the brave alaskan crab fisherman who risk their lives on the open seas. as someone who is afraid of even pool water, their life's work is unbelievably amazing to me. i had the chance to become acquainted with one of the show's deckhands (aboard the ship rollo) via email and found out he's also a phenomenal photographer. corey arnold decided to make his living working aboard the rollo while continuing to pursue photography on a freelance basis. his work is a must-see and transports you to a different place and time entirely. i suggest checking out the arctic photographs. i have the utmost respect for these fisherman and tip my hat to corey arnold and his phenomenal work (on and off the rollo). [thanks, corey!]




sanberg tyg + tapet ab


frida at husmusen mentioned a great swedish design firm called sandberg yesterday. after browsing through their site i stumbled upon some great red, white and black patterns in their fabrics. i'm loving the red/white/black look these days, but done with sort of a scandinavian influence and nice clean lines. nothing too 80's (which is possible if you go too nuts with the red and black). you can click here to browse the site- lots of great inspiration photos.



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promenade_peekaboo_wallpaper 2

i'm nuts about twenty2's promenade and peekaboo wallpaper. launched at icff this year, i've mentioned promenade in it's saucy red colorway but just found these gorgeous palm beach inspired colors that make me want to lounge poolside with cocktails. they'll be out soon, but if you're interested in ordering you can contact twenty2 here for orders and pricing. enjoy!





help: guadalajara madness!


i'm a crazy pack rat when it comes to magazine clippings. i've been holding on to this clip from cookie magazine since december of 05 and have been trying to track down this traditional guadalajaran fabric for what feels like ages. this month domino mentioned a coverlet with a similar pattern but when i called the source they didn't have it and didn't know when it would be in (ugh). so i thought i'd appeal to my talented and oh-so-savvy readers. do you know where (in the usa) i can order or buy fabrics like this? i want this pattern (in red and white, please!) in my home in some way and i'll do just about anything to get it. any advice would be so, so appreciated. thanks!! [photo from cookie magazine, dec 205]


seeing red [new mini trend!]


this week i'm catching up on updating the d*s podcasts and mini trends. the podcast will come on thursday or friday but today i put together a fresh new mini trend: red and white! i'm seeing it all over the place and it's a great trend for adding a little spice to a room. so click here to read the full piece and feel free to suggest any great red and white pieces you're seeing in the market. enjoy!


licia martelli


i'm loving this cartoon series of ceramics by italian artist licia martelli. kristina at three layer cake did a fantastic interview with her today and introduced me to her ceramics. martelli outlines the ceramics to enhance the "cartoon" effect. it's a fun and welcome change to the sometimes too-serious world of ceramics. clearly not for everyone, but it's good monday fun. [thanks, krisina!] ps: speaking of interviews, i did a fun interview with judy ross on my hg blog today. if you have a chance, check it out!



paper monkey press


i'm a big fan of rori at paper monkey press. i have a few of her prints framed in my home, so i was excited to hear from her this morning. rori added some great new (affordable!) notecards (i love her font choices) and beautiful coasters to her site (just in time for july 4 parties). rori also does custom work so whether you're in need of some gorgeous pre-made goods or something a bit more customized, click here to check out rori's work at paper monkey press. [thanks, rori!]



d*s reader rec extravaganza


i'm listening to lily allen and finishing up an interview with textile goddess judy ross this morning so i'm going to collect some reader recs this morning and see if anyone has some ideas for those d*s readers in need of design advice. i'll be back in an hour or so, just need to tie up loose interview ends. so, without further adieu:

  • leslie needs some help with a dual religion wedding gift: "Right now I’m having a problem in the gift area. My best friend is getting married at the end of the summer; it’s a Jewish/Hindu ceremony, and I don’t want to get her something off her registry I want to get something more thoughtful and unique. I want to get a gift that combines both religions but that is not religious. I saw the Henna dessert plates on Roseanne’s site (rosanneinc.com) and I love them. But, I’m having real trouble finding something “Jewish” to coordinate with them, maybe another set of four plates, desert spoons etc. So, if you could help I would really appreciate it!"
  • mk needs help with a storm door: "I am currently trying to find an attractive storm/security door for my back door, it needs to have steel metal bars so I feel safe, (my kit door is all glass) but I have yet to find something that doesn’t have a tacky 60's palm springs look, and I was wondering if you or your readers would have any advice? Also I live in a brick 1860’s townhouse, so an ultra-modern may clash…"
  • robyn needs help finding some great fabric: "What are the odds that you'll know of any shop in North America that carries Form & Design's "Bloom" fabric/yardage line?(http://www.form-design.se/bloom_eng.htm) I'm trying to hunt it down but the internet seems to know nothing (!) and Form & Design have yet to reply to my request for a retailer list. I want to buy bunches and bunches of it for bedquits that I'm making, but so far, no luck!
  • and last but not least, kate needs some great montreal design shop recs- any ideas?

[thanks for any suggestions guys!]



friday night rush

Printed designer cushion

just saw this and had to post quickly. ms. lena saw some great textiles by scandinavian designer satu makkonen via hoping for happy accidents. satu designs for scandinavian label hau hauz and her work has a gorgeous moroccan/spanish feel that i love (but still with that great scandinavian sense of color and line). i've been turning to all things spanish lately (inspired by some bourdain food reading) and i'm loving black detailing on textiles and tableware. i'm waiting to hear where they're available in the states so i'll update soon. in the meantime, click here for more info. have a great weekend!

linen fabric napkins printed


red + party of one


on the red tip, here's tord boontje's latest project for kvadrat. nectar is a gorgeous fabric being distributed by textile powerhouse maharam. it's a bit plasticy so i'm still torn on how best to use it- i'd love to have it as a shower curtain (i wonder if that idea is offensive to the designer who probably intended something far more high end for it). either way, it's fun to see something so illustration heavy integrated into textiles. do you guys have a favorite textile company? i'm pretty impressed with maharam and kvadrat these days...


[just a quick side note- i spoke at the brooklyn blogfest last night and got some emails post event asking about how many people worked at d*s. it seems most people thing there's a team d*s. it's actually just me here, which explains the need for a break once in a while. i get a lot of emails about what the "crew" at d*s is doing so i thought i'd just clarify- just me here, the lone sponger! however, i do get wonderful help with the newsletter from kate at three square. so, when you send or receive an email at d*s, you're talking to directly to me, not an intern. just wanted to clarify! xo, d*s]


john derian


i'm not usually a big john derian person (though i understand the appeal of his work to other people) but i'm really enjoying this black seaweed tray at lille in chicago. you can pick up this derian piece for $180 right here.


new from jocelyn warner


i've mentioned designer jocelyn warner before- she makes the most beautiful, beautiful wallpapers. she just released a new design distributed by designtex called "kaleido". graphic, groovy and elegant enough for any modern home, kaleido is another great example of the wonderful things being done with wallpaper these days. and just for fun, since i didn't mention it last time, be sure to check out jocelyn's lilly wallpaper, too. too pretty for words. click here for more from ms. warner and here for designtex's contact info. enjoy!




red and white


lately i've been inspired by textiles in a big way. normally i work with paint color as my key inspiration point but textiles and patterns have been big for me lately. i love this bright red and white fabric at repro ($8.50 a yard)- bold, summery and perfect for pairing with black bamboo cane chairs. i'd love to recover my black dining room chairs with this- hmm, maybe i should. either way, i'm loving red and white this summer. it feels fresh, bold and awake.



origami chair


a bit on the pricey side- but i'm loving this origami stool by enrico d. bona. made of simple oak plywood, the stool can have a tray or cushion added to the top for a more comfortable seat or use as a small table. available at the magazine for $255 right here.



ikea sneak peek


ikea emailed the press today to give everyone a little glimpse into ikea 2007. i was pretty impressed with a few key pieces of the collection, name the textiles and upholstered furniture. my favorite? the green upholstered kramfors sofa that ac i considered getting in leather last year. looks classy with the silver legs and much better than those round peg leg couches ikea normally deals in. in addition, they'll be introducing some great rugs, a new storage unit, some more scandinavian lighting and a great folding table. looks like 2007 will be a good year for ikea. i'll be sure to update when we have store dates for these pieces. i hope that green sofa comes out soon...




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