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jocelyn warner


i've written about british designer jocelyn warner before, but i wanted to add some of the gorgeous new photographs that are up on her website- they really give you a good feel for her wallpapers (that now come in lighting form, too!). her wallpapers are fresh, modern, elegant and definitely worth the splurge if you're lucky enough to be able to wallpaper something in your home. i personally can't wait to own something so i can wallpaper a room, i'm dying to wallpaper these days- there are so many phenomenal options out there.


jocelyn's designs are full of sophisticated patterns and modern designs, accented by bold colors and neutral/metallic options for those who like a little less drama on the walls. click here to view jocelyn's entire collection- it's just stunning and these new photos really do the pieces justice. enjoy! [all photos from jocelyn warner's website]

[i'll be out tomorrow, but back on sat and sunday for some garden posts and fresh new material. in the meantime i posted two days worth of posts today so hopefully they'll tide everyone over. oh! and don't forget to enter the fred flare/d*s spring spruce up contest!! xo, d*s]






russell + hazel *


these guys just don't stop! russell + hazel are always churning out amazing office products and accessories that i can't help but scoop up- these limited edition patterned binders are $24 a piece at the r+h online shop. click here to buy or get more information- they're too adorable to resist!



mcd's design

2 copy

this idea could not be any cooler. i saw this post on frida's blog, husmusen and she was kind enough to translate so we could take a look. here's the skinny from frida: "Mc Donalds arranged a design competition in Sweden where people could send in designs for coffee mugs (paper) that will be launched this summer. They later selected a few of them and let people vote on their webpage. 3 winners have now recieved 20,000 SEK as a scholarship, their designs will be printed this summer and one of them will also have their mug/design made in porcelain by the Swedish manufacturer Gustavsberg". i love the idea. so, so fun. there are tons of great designs to check out, so click here to see them for yourself. [thanks, frida!]

group copy




orrefors consistently produces elegant, modern glass design. this diamond series by helén krantz is a beautiful faceted crystal series that lets the beauty of the form shine. you can find more info on the diamond collection, and other glass design from orrefors right here. [ps: i'm taking the day off tomorrow, so today will be two days worth of posting so i can squeeze in all the great design i found researching yesterday]


john derian

JD246 copy

lovely seaweed plates by john derian at lille. i love the first one on the left- it's so cute and the color is fantastic. $176 at lille.


nursing room o+

Nursing room

this just came to my inbox without much explanation, but i'm intrigued. nursing room o+ is a collection by nika zupanc debuting in milan this spring. i'm assuming it's an "ironic" look at motherhood and the pieces involved in it. when i have more info, i'll post it. but this is one heck of a modern (and totally goth) rocker. click here to see nicka zupanc's site. [it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea]

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summer at lebello


furniture manufacturer lebello is full of fun designs for the spring and summer- their collections of outdoor furniture are colorful, modern and above all, fun. these two new pieces, the b chair and double hollow are perfect for throwing a sunny summer soiree. click here for more information and to find a retailer near you. enjoy!


j. mendicino *


artist j. mendicino makes the most beautiful ceramics- i've written about her before, but she just launched these little cuties that are perfect for showcasing bright summer blooms. you can check out these designs, the bird vases, bird cut-outs and bubble vases right here and find a retailer close to you on the site. [prices may vary slightly but they're def. an affordable buy] enjoy!

3 copy


d*s reader recs [betsy needs our help!]


d*s reader betsy has a pilates problem, well, a pilates studio problem. here are the details, maybe you guys have some suggestions for her sound problem.

"Hi Designsponge, I love your blog. I have a 400 sq foot Pilates studio with ceilings that are 12 feet high. There is a huge echo in the place and I need something on the wall (fabric?) to deaden the sound problem without looking horribly dreary and heavy. The space is 16x25x12 and I need to cover two walls, 16x12. I also want a floor covering that is able to take a beating, put an exercise mat on and be cleanable, 16x12."
so, does anyone have any soundproofing solutions for our pilates problem? thanks!



inleaf newbies


swedish native and charlottesville, va resident lotta helleberg is always designing beautiful home and personal accessories with a botanical theme. this season she added a new color to her running cedar pillow collection ($60-$90) and a gorgeous new plum colored viburnum bag ($58) that you just have to check out. click here for the full collection. enjoy!


napkins *


nothing like some fun summer napkins to get the party started. these fun, colorful numbers are from ikea and will only set you back $1.29- $1.99 a pack (in-store only). enjoy!



back porch *

54226_PE158343_S4 copy

i know these are borderline (and some of you will say "definitely") tacky, but i think used on a super cute porch with the right color scheme these silly little outdoor chairs from ikea could be fun. certainly a fun alternative to the butterfly chair, regular old plastic chairs or something more traditional. totally borderline, but if you work it in well (maybe on a porch with crisp white accents, super clean and preppy) i think it could work. just requires a little imagination.$50 a pop at ikea.


black and white *

sarah cihat1

brooklyn's sarah cihat just introduced some fun new plates to her rehabilitated dishware collection- this time abe lincoln, the spaceman and others get a little black and white treatment. super chic and fun. click here for more info and to find a retailer near you.

sarah cihat2


laptop schtickers *


i wrote about these fun little stick-ems when they first launched, but they added some great new designs for 2006 and i just had to post them. schtickers are removable "sticker" covers that can be used on laptops and ipods- they're a fun way to dress up your computer if that dell logo gets a little tired. at $20 a pop they're an affordable way to add a little snazz to your laptop. click here for the new designs (be sure to check out my favorite- the lotta jansdotter-type design). enjoy!



birds & bees


well, it is meant for the bedroom- these cheeky bed linens by british designer kate storer take us back to the story of the birds and the bees. she's got some racier sheets too if the insect/bird version isn't saucy enough for you. click here for more bedding from the queen of fun sheets, kate storer.


ikea lighting *


ikea is fantastic for basic pieces that can be redone to fit your style and your home's feel. this time i thought i'd check out their lighting and came across this cute $40 (!) three-armed chandelier that can be hardwired and hung over a bed, table or even in a bathroom for a little glam touch. it's sold as silver, but i think it would be adorable to spray paint it say, robin's egg blue and dip the crystals in a white enamel, or a white paint and white enamel. either way, it has a lot of potential for an affordable mini chandy- especially one that can be hardwired. and just for fun i threw in this cute new lotten lampshade for $5.99- the pattern reminds me of stitching and i think it might be cute used on a base that's a bit more homespun looking. click here for the full collection of new lighting at ikea. enjoy!


...what you eat *


if you love snacks, you'll love these bowls. whether its fruit, popcorn, olives or ice cream, your favorite snacks find themselves on the bottom of these cute melamine bowls at dutch by design, each around $9 right here. enjoy!



dcc [part two]


the designs at the danish crafts collection are just to beautiful to pass up. i thought i was finished, but then i saw these pieces. gorgeous porcelain 'woody' vases by anna carin dahl, colorful modern citrus squeezers by britt villadsen, colorful fused glass tealight holders and textile 'stones' by pernelle fagerlund that i'm just dying to pick up and touch. click here for the full dcc collection and more info on the group- they are really supporting some amazing artists. [that's it for me today, i'll be back with OODLES of new posts- found so much today!- but be sure to enter the d*s/fred flare spring spruce up contest! entries are great already!]





danish crafts collection


my favorite thing about design is its ability to illicit a positive reaction in someone. these pieces from the danish crafts collection just make me smile- they're each beautiful and creative designs that definitely deserve a look. designs featured: painfully awesome mats/cushions, placemats with a delicate punched design and modern building blocks.



thornback and peel


lovely silk pillows by thornback and peel, $150 in a number of colors and patterns. click here for more info and to buy. enjoy!


lehti in lime (and brass)


the gorgeous lehti tray now comes in a bold lime green ($775) and a gorgeous, classy silver-plated brass ($1300). pricey to buy, pretty to look at.



yoyo ceramics *


i've written about yoyo ceramics before, back when i covered hidden art in 2004, but now they're available at 2jane! these fun little ceramic vessels look like tupperware, but are actually ceramic! click here for more info and to purchase.


2 jane (part two 2) *


if the wall panels are to pricey, check out these fun seamless wall transder set at 2jane in green, ivory and red ($38-$40). click here for more details or to purchase.




there's been all sorts of drama in my building today, between the cable/internet/phone going out, then in, then out, then in and some poor woman downstairs having a heart attack (she's ok), the building has been buzzing here. so, sorry for the delay, it's nutty over here. back to design- i love these beautiful wall hangings at 2jane. designed by artist rachel kelly, each wall panel is 118" long x 35" wide and available at 2jane for $310 a piece. enjoy!


thomas bentzen


thomas bentzen is a phenomenal danish designer whose 'plus' stool i've covered before- but he recently added these beautiful pieces to his site and i just had to put them up. bentzen's pinechair is a gorgeous, slightly geodesic, chair made of solid scandinavian pine (and available through the danish crafts collection). its simplicity lets the design and the materials shine, which are always my favorie qualities of good design. in addition to the pine chair, bentzen added the a15, a steel and aluminum chair that can be carried by grabbing the space between the back and seat. still in prototype form, the chair is bound to be a hit when it's available to the public. you can click here to find more information on thomas bentzen. enjoy!





d*s reader recs [gael needs your help!]


d*s reader gael is in desperate need of a sweet sleeper sofa. here are the details:

"I am getting married in a few months and a small back room that my fiance and I have has to be transformed into a guest room. We've decided that a sofa bed would work best in the space, but are having trouble finding the right one. We would like to spend under $1,000 and want a piece that actually looks nice. Any suggestions?"
so, any ideas you guys? gael thanks you in advance. [photo above from dwr]


areo home *


sometimes regular matches just won't do. these gorgeous matches from areo home come in a myriad of patterns and designs like cherry blossoms, botanicals and nautical themes. they're too cute to pass up. $2.90 a pop right here.


are you ready to rock?


i wrote about this collection when it came out, but i'm loving these david bowie vases from mosley meets wilcox available exlcusively at paul smith. rock on.


show home goods


show is a fantastic los angeles based design showroom with a whole slew of great design finds. i'm loving these pilows by soft goods design and california modern. simple, colorful and fun. click here to contact show for purchasing.

show 2


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