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d*s design shots!


i've always loved apartment therapy's flickr photo section and thought it would be great to incorporate a similar idea into d*s- but with a little twist. i'm someone who clips magazine pages, takes camera photos and is always copying little pictures and filing them away for inspiration- so i thought this might be a great way for us to all share inspiration photos with each other. did you see a fabulous floral display in a shop window on the way to work? snap a photo and send it to d*s and i'll put it up with a description and your name (or no name if you prefer). whether you're inspired by a sunset, beautiful dinner plating or a great rug you saw at the office, send your d*s design shot right here and you'll see it to the left in our communal flick gallery! what a fun way to share inspiration across the globe with everyone! have fun and send away!

d*s reader help!


d*s reader boris (no comma!) and i are trying to figure out who makes this wallpaper. it's on the tip of my tongue and i know i should know, but i don't. i though it was cole and son but no dice. anyone know? this shot is from west elm. thanks!

judy ross (swoon)


i have a huge crush on judy ross and her gorgeous textiles. from runners to pillows and rugs, this nyc designer has you covered. these new pillows are available at 2modern and greenergrassdesign for $188 a piece (not a budget buy, but a wonderful splurge!) and come in a wide range of patterns and wonderfully saturated colors. click here and here for the whole shabang. so, so lovely. enjoy! see you tommorrow. xo, d*s


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d*s reader, janet passed this on- too funny: a modern dumbbell for the design-savvy exerciser. it doesn't seem to be carried in the states, but i'll update when i find purchase info for the states (doesn't seem to be at their us rep's store). [thanks, janet!]


d*s paint


forgot to add my personal favorite (sorry, forgot i said i would!): my favorite would be benjamin moore: chelsea gray. had it in my old bedroom and it's fabulous. dark grey in certain lights, blue in others (see ny times shot). so subtle with just the right amount of subtle green undertone. yum.



detour dvd *

detour dvd

d*s reader, kristen just bought this for her tv and thought you guys might like it, too! detour dvd is a collection of "motion graphics" that are basically slow moving dvds that play purely visual "tracks" which can be programmed to loop or play at random. sort of like a screensaver, but a bit more design-y. you can choose from four patterns: op-art, wallflowers 1 and 2 and modular moves (the wallflowers are my fav). each dvd costs $24.95 and you can purchase right here (wallflowers 2 is slightly delayed, you can email them for more info on release date). enjoy! [thanks, kristen!]


jason lewis furniture


d*s reader, jason (not the same jason) passed along his bud jason lewis's furniture for us to check out. lewis works with beautiful woods to create classic, solid furniture that reminds me of some of the danish modern pieces that you see floating around antique shops in new york sometimes. lewis also produces custom furniture, but his ready to buy designs (tables, chairs and storage) are available for around $1000-$1500 a piece. click here for the full selection. [thanks, jason!]



pink is the new sprout *


this is the reason i wish i could afford to go to chicago more (or at all): sprout home. here are some newbies and sale-bies that will add some style without taking away to much dough. the pink bubble vases above are on sale for $38-$58 (sm, med, lg) and the bird ipod sleeve (made of neoprene) is brand new for $12.50. if something a little greener is on your list, try this new lime-green ceramic bowl for $16.50. click here for more sprout home goodness. enjoy! [title is shameless ref to trent's wildly popular (and super fun) gossip blog]



deadly squire (hooray!) *


i'm such a huge fan of deadly squire. and not just because every time i think of them i hear "wake up!" in my head (such a great song). they've just released three great new patterns for pieces like pillows, dog beds, placemats and napkins that are a must-have (they're affordable, too! prices range from $58-$195 for large dog beds). the new patterns are called: berry bush, branches and cameo and they're carried online at design public as well as at clio-home in soho. i'm sure they're all over, but those are my two confirmed sources right now. and of course, you can always check out their "where to by dsq" link to find a store near you. right now i'm just happy to have new patterns to share because i think they're gorgeous- esp the berry bush and cameo styles- love them. great work, tim and anna! click here for more info on the fantastic brooklyn duo known as deadly squire. enjoy!




gus design *


not brand spankin new, but i love this all the same. gus's organic basket made of 100% recycled plastic that's spun to appear "woven". it reminds me of spaghetti noodles, but in a cool way. though i'm sure it might creep some of you out. it's quite nice in person. $90 at id chicago.



d*s paint lovers poll: results!


ok so the poll is closed and man do you guys have a lot to say about paint! here are the results:

  • favorite paint brand: good old benjmain moore! (40%), your second and third (and fourth) choices were: behr, pratt and lambert and ralph lauren.
  • your favorite paint color family overall is: green! followed closely by blue.
  • your favorite color for the bedroom?: blue! (followed closely by green)
  • favorite color for the bathroom?: white! followed closely by blue and green.
  • for the kitchen?: yellow! followed closely by red and orange.
  • the living room?: beige! followed by green.
  • dining room?: red! followed by tan (i love how different those two colors are)
  • for the home office? white/beige/green all tied.
  • and, drumroll, please- your favorite paint color of all time is....."any blue by farrow and ball" and "most greys and beiges from benny moore". yeah i know, not super specific, but no one answered the same name, so i couldn't really draw too many conclusions. BUT your answers did all fall into the categories of BLUES from farrow and ball and grey/beige from benjamin moore. so, those seem to be the big winners! thanks for taking part!


robert le heros *

sf moma

robert le heros is the hip parisian design team behind this fun, city scene silkscreened pillow. available in a square or rectangle, each pillow has a hidden zipper closure and is made in france. $65.00 - $80.00 right here. enjoy!

[i'm compiling paint survey data, that will be next!]


tick tock


this fun little wallclock has hands that keep track of things, but number cubes that you can configure any number of ways (of course, any number of ways that allow the the clock to function normally). $195 right here.


acrobat *


these fun little vases from the sf moma shop will spin around without falling over- and for only $20 a pop, why not try a few? a lovely way to celebrate the arrival of spring flowers and soft spring breezes. click here for more info and to buy.



accent wall?

cole andson

i always get my craziest ideas at night, especially for someone who's a renter. i was just thinking about wallpapering a single accent wall in my home (a small but central one) with paper- maybe something subtle but modern from cole and son or mibo. clearly i shouldn't do this with a rental, but that aside, if i was to do this, how hard would it be to get down (on say a 10 by 7 foot section of a wall) when i move out (or paint over?). also, our walls are pretty old and uneven, is wallpaper a nightmare of an idea if you have old walls? any advice is appreciated. xo, the wallpaper novice (aka, d*s).

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modern economy (sf) *

modern economy

genius idea: modern economy is an exclusive sample sale company for design enthusiasts. they hold sales across the country where you'll find your favorite modern, independent designers' samples, overstock, and post-season wares. best of all: prices are 30%-70% off retail! there are GREAT pieces to choose from (check out this list! it's like a who's who of great modern designers!) and the next show is in may in san francisco, so if you're in the hood, check it out! more details here you need to sign up for the mailing list to get sale location details. enjoy!




mibo has some GREAT lighting options with their trademark bold patterns and colors that are perfect for adding a little color to your home. i'm considering one of these for my home office (either lulworth or moreton, far left and right). the link to buy online goes to dp which doesn't seem to have them up, but i'll find out what's going on with that and figure out how to buy online (the reps are out of the country until march 13). perhaps they're re-stocking (anyone have any insider info in the meantime?). until then, click here to see some gorgeous pendants and table lamps via their us distributor, lustre. enjoy!


ceiling art *


i'm a sucker for a good ceiling medallion, and i've been looking for the perfect ones for our apt lately so i thought i'd share my finds. these came from architectural depot.com and they have a huge selection available, as well as some that come in two pieces for easier assembly. i just love the contrast between a nice modern pendant and an ornate ceiling medallion. i'm thinking something like this with this. most medallions under $100 and under $50 depending on size. click here for the full collection. have fun!


d*s paint lovers poll!


d*s reader, casey would love to know what everyone's favorite paint colors are. so, i set up a poll to see which paint companies, colors and color families d*s readers love. the poll will be up today and results will be posted tomorrow. have fun! i'll tell you my favorite tomorrow...CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE POLL (no email address required, only 9 questions)


chilewich rings *


love these little napkin rings. simple, chic, affordable: $20 for 2 at velocity.


**ds reader recs!**


hi guys, d*s reader missy needs our help. here is her question:

"Hi! I'm designing a two-year-old girl's room and would love ideas. It is smallish and has a small "secret playroom" built into the gable of this 1929 Tudor house that we are renovating and expanding. I plan on doing an understated bird theme (even though I know you are over this). I need ideas for this little playspace and some other outstanding items in the room. Paint color of the entire room (including ceilings, b/c they slope with the roofline) will be a light pink. There is a 10" baseboard painted chocolate brown. Here's what I've got so far: -Bird light: found on your site and am getting a wider pink silk or brown linen shade, -Thinking of doing a stencil on maybe one of the walls a la this pattern in brown or white, and lastly, this wallhanging".
what missy needs is: a dresser, twin bed, bedding and ideas of to do with the "secret playspace" and of course, any ideas that you've got to share with her. i'm sure you guys are full of great ideas so, feel free to talk to missy below!


beeboard desk


designer piet boon was asked to create mobile houseing for some of the worl'd vast refugee population- during this process he discovered an ecologically low-impact solution for the home office: beeboard. beeboard is a layered cardboard with a honeycomb structure. from this material he created the beeboard desk and storage structure at dwr, which allow the beeboard to remain exposed, creating a richly textured surface that contrasts with its apparent lightness. finished with an acrylic overlay to provide a smooth work surface, the desk is available for $678 (in white or black) at dwr. caution: the surface is flammable, so keep away from lighters, fires, etc.




i'm a sucker for colorful stripes and this new side/dining chair from dwr is no exception. the b-pop chair was designed by omar de biaggio and made of bent birch plywood with a melamine laminate. the stiped version (it also comes in wenge and walnut for $198) is $218 at dwr. enjoy!


pirouette mirror


this limited edition (only 100 were made) wall mirror by matt carr for umbra's u+ studio line was designed with decorative spinning pillars. each pillar rotates to reveal three sides: a rococo pattern etched mirror surface, a plain mirror surface and a black wood veneered surface. you can rotate and change the position of the panels to create a number of looks. available at foster's in philly for $699.


angela adams for marshall field's


mark at sparkability just passed this on- lovely bedding by designer, angela adams in her trademark colorful style. prices range from $130 to $160. click here to purchase.




i'm loving these dyed velvet silk pillows at anthropologie. $148 each, right here.



welcome to the new d*s!

i thought the day would never come, but my little facelift is complete! thanks to help from my designer (she rules), coder and kay at site-basics (who stepped in to save the day), we're finally up and running. i'm sure there will be little glitches here and there, so please stick with us while we work out any problems that may come up. please feel free to send an email if something's not looking right on your computer. be sure to check out the mini-trends to your left (that will change every week), the new blogroll that will expand as i work on it and the buttons for the d*s shop (coming soon!) , guide and newsletter (all coming soon!).

some faq's answered: yes, a search option is coming and yes, posts arranged by categories is coming (it takes a long time to go back through all 1,773 posts and do that, but i promise i'm working on it as fast as i can)
so, again, thanks for your patience and enjoy!

[ps: the pics look a little smooshy on my pc this morning so i'm on it]



things to come (part II)

ds peeks

things have been crazy at d*s lately and i wanted to thank all of you for your support, emails and tolerance of the numerous coding snags we've had trying to get the new site up (my coder and designer are saints for putting up with me through this). i'm talking with another coder tomorrow morning to try and get this thing up and running, so in the meantime, i wanted to give you a sneak peek into what's coming on monday (new look or not):

  • d*s mini trends!: this little sponge likes to window shop new trends, so why not share my finds with everyone? this column will be a weekly look into micro trends cropping up in the industry and examples (with links!) of how to bring each look into your home. the first trend article will set sail next monday...
  • sponged!: links to the latest and greatest on the design world (including magazine, newspaper and design articles that are must reads for the week)
  • ask d*s!: i get so many emails during the day asking for shopping suggestions, so i'm going to share the results with readers twice a week so we can all benefit from a little spongey research
  • d*s reader recs!: you guys know your stuff so now d*s readers can take advantage of our design savvy audience by sending in a picture of their own home for advice on paint colors, furniture arranging, furniture, etc. send in YOUR photo now for next week (subject: reader rec)! once or twice a week depending on demand)
see you monday! xo, d*s

sexy lady *

sarah 1

i love sarah cihat's work- it's so fun. her sexy lady plates are some of my favorites. ok, they're not really called sexy lady plates, but that's what i call them. available at the future perfect, clio home and various retail locations (pricing may vary at retail locations, but they're all quite affordable). enjoy!


cats and dogs *


greener grass design just launched a cute little section for dog and cat design. i'm digging these catnip-filled mice in designer fabrics. sort of splurg-y for pets ($8, life-size), but i do spoil my fuzzies to the point of ridiculousness. click here to buy or shop more greener grass.


happy owl *


i'm loving this sweet little nightlight from happy owl glassworks. these little penguins can be yours for $45 right here.



d*s (and others!) in artkrush


artkrush, flavorpill's art-centric sibling was kind enough to feature several design blogs in their current issue: apartment therapy, mocoloco, d*s and others. thanks, artkrush!



paper table


matt gagnon studio's paper table is made of recycled newsprint boards cut and fused to create a coffee table that has space to hold your reading materials and various paper (it sort of has this caveman look to it in my opinion, but i think that could be cool in some context). you can get a hollow or solid version for around $3,400 at 2modern, but i think it's interesting inspiration for a similar diy style. although i'm not sure i could fuse anything on my own. but i love the idea of recycled reading material being turned into something to hold reading material. click here for more info and online purchasing at 2modern.



border by numbers *


designer, jenny wilkinson's paint by numbers wallpaper was all the rage last year, now she adds some fun border options to her collection. each print depicts an "active" scene with a pre-colored background and a 4-color numbered palette that can be filled in or left untouched. you can use acrylic, latex, or craft paints, as well as colored pencils, crayons, finger paints, markers, or pastels. very cool and very fun. each pattern is $20 per roll at the moma store. enjoy!




rare flowers cardset *


i'm a sucker for nice cards and these are gorgeous. by the looks of it you get 8 cards for $22 (at elsewares), but it's not super clear. if i'm just missing something, please let me know. each card is decorated with illustrations of rare, endangered, and beautiful flowers hand printed on fine creme paper. anyway, quite lovely.




triple wide wallet *


i don't normally write about personal accessories, but i like these- triple wide wallets in 4 patterns at elsewares ($38 a pop). have fun!


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