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ella studio


lisa at ella studio sent over her beautiful card line. much like the bittersweet lettepress collection we discussed last week, she has a line of well, bleep-worthy cards that say things i can't print here. she also had a really beautiful line of pin-up and "unmentionables" cards that i really dug. click here to see the full collection and shop online. [thanks, lisa!]



places i've never been


jennifer at jhill design just sent over a link to her beautiful, beautiful work. a graphic designer based in boston, jennifer just launched a brand new line of papergoods called 'places i've never been'. the collection includes a wall calendar, desk calendar, a series of cards and some beautiful fine art prints. jennifer has a wonderful sense of color and pattern and i'm sure these will be a big hit. click here to see jennifer's full collection and shop online. enjoy! [thanks, jennifer!]






apgar printing machine


i've always loved the simply beauty of chairs- their lines are so clean and so familiar. while clicking through etsy the other day i came across apgar printing machine's chair linograph and thought it was too interesting to pass up. designed by jonathan apgar of long beach, ca, this chair linograph is available right here for $25 (many other non-chair patterns available). i'd love to see jonathan's take on some classic eames or bertoia pieces...


lena corwin


lena corwin has always been queen of patterns to me and i think she's really on to something with her printed wooden blocks. she tested out a new piece in her home and it was too cute to pass up. i'm hoping if all goes well maybe she'll start selling pieces like this on found wood...such a fun idea.


eindhoven at reluct


every year i wish i had gone to this show, but thankfully reluct has some gorgeous photos from the grad show at eindhoven. click here for a fantastic slideshow of designs showcased this year at the design academy eindhoven. enjoy!


new guest blog: anna of red.house!


thanks so much to the wonderful karin eriksson for her fantastic work on the guest blog these past two weeks. she had some really beautiful finds and i hope you'll all continue to read her blog now that she's back "home". as we say goodbye to karin, it's my pleasure to welcome a relatively new blogger- anna of red.house! since she founded her blog in july of 2006, anna has been tracking some of the best scandinavian design on the web. a designer herself (and a native of sweden), anna will be sharing some of her best scandinavian design finds (focusing on textiles and prints) as well as any other great tidbits she comes across. so, welcome anna! click here to check out her debut posts.

[after these three scandinavian bloggers we'll move to a different region...so fret not if you fear i've gone scandi crazy over here]


3 years and counting

jr boys

ac and i are off to the mohonk mountain house for our three year anniversary. we'll return on monday evening so i'll be back blogging on tuesday. stay tuned tuesday for a brand new guest blogger and on wednesday, november first: the next crop of designers at the d*s shop! so, if you want to order any of the october goods get em while they're still up! we'll be closing the shop on sunday evening to tally and prep for wednesday. have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you on tuesday! until then here are some design links to keep you going through tuesday...[the print above is by amazing artist jacqui oakley for the junior boys album cover]


pare umbrellas


the lovely satoko of pare umbrellas just sent over her new designs for the rainy season. i've been rocking my pare umbrella for a few months now and i can't tell you how many people stop me while i'm out and ask where it. these new designs are far too cute to pass up. beautiful color, stunningly decorated leather, plastic and wicker handles- just in time for fall rain showers. umbrellas are around $65-$85 a piece and i can't recommend them more highly- they're like tiny works of functional art. click here to browse and shop the full collection! i love the knitted and lace patterns- could embroidery, knitting, needlepoint and all of those sewing techniques be any hotter? [thanks, satoko!]







speaking of bears, my new painting by marci washington arrived today! it came from marci's show at the beholder gallery, which is chock-full of great marci paintings. i love how haunting her works are- this one was a bit more chipper than the others, which is always welcome in my home (even ac liked it). click here for more info on marci washington.


joanna billingham


gorgeous illustrations by joanna billingham, via jan at poppytalk. if only they were for sale....




i love this room by warymeyers that lena posted earlier this week. doesn't it make you just want to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate? i love love love that bear print. if anyone knows who made it i'd love to know...




i need to lay off the anthropologie for a while (i know, i know) but these were too cute to pass up. i love the knitted accessories (tapers, votives) and the gorgeous drop pendant ($298). if those aren't your taste they have colorful needlepoint pillows, a great stripey chair (damn the pricetag on that one!), a cute bird doormat and last but not least a fun retro wall clock. enjoy!





design by us

variety cabinet open

ralph at design by us sent over a link to their studio's gorgeous work in copenhagen. i was completely smitten with this vanity cabinet but there is plenty to look at here. follow this link for plenty of great design from denmark [thanks, ralph!]



rare device

spotted this little light the last time i was at rare device. sometimes you have a dark nook that needs a bit of shine and this teeny lamp is the perfect solution. designed by brooklyn's re-surface design, the a-light comes in three shade patterns for $78 right here. enjoy!

[while you're there check out alyssa's coasters, too. rena took some great shots of them for the store]


under foot: part deux


i've been looking for small rugs lately and i love these little patterned guys at urban outfitters. for $28 you can stash these little 3x5 numbers in front of the sink, in the bathroom, by the door or at the side of the bed. fun design for a pretty fun price. click here for the yellow and here for the brown.



port2port: card society


as if you needed another reason to join mav's card society (my number one gift recommendation for the holidays) here are this month's cards. inspired by fall foliage and feathers, this month's designs speak for themselves. they're so, so lovely. i'm finally warming up to the rich colors of fall...[thanks, mav!]click here for more info on mav's card society and to sign up.



binth: one of a kind


suzanna at binth sent over their new one of a kind prints. each one comes matted, titled and signed. no two are alike and each one is available for $45 right here. [thanks, suzanna!]



new at velocity


can't get enough of the owls and tree branches trend? check out these owls and porcelain logs from roost at velocity. you can choose from 5 different owls for $13-$40 and 4 porcelain logs for $22-$106 right here. enjoy


buttons and bowls


sometimes textile just grabs me- i love this button bowl at greener grass design. just the right amount of shine and texture. you can grab them in different sizes right here for $45-$96. while you're there check out these cute etched botanical bowls and votives- $32-$72 right here.


michelle mason


michelle of michelle mason sent over some of her new work she recently showed in london. first is the pod low table- made from one solid sheet of white acrylic. second, the extra large leaf lampshade. i love her use of bold patterns. click here for more information on michelle mason.

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kuldeep malhi


karin posted some really beautiful wall decorations on the guest blog today...click here to check them out.




jennifer at phyllidae sent over these lovely framed butterfly and insect displays. i've seen a million framed butterflies but the woodgrain behind these displays is a really nice, modern touch. prices range from $60-$150 and you can pick up your own display right here. it's always nice to see a modern spin on a classic idea.


ornament swap


the holidays may be a few months off, but it's time for another swap! nicole at freshly {blended} and cake+pie emailed about their fun ornament swap so i thought i'd share. who doesn't want to get a fun ornament in the mail this season? click here for more info.


embroidery in chelsea


while lugging my air mattress out of bed bath & beyond i was lured into the chelsea west elm by the smell of cinnamon (candles). it was right across the street so i tried to tell myself it was ok to stop in. low and behold i totally loved about a dozen pillows. yes, west elm is well known for ripping people off but i'm hoping these designs aren't taken from anyone we know...are they? they didn't remind me of any specific design so i thought they might be safe. i'm a sucker for blue and green so this little throw pillows was right up my alley (along with the embroidered hedgehog, deer and owl pillows). pretty subtle and sweet for west elm. most people have major beef with this shop, but if you're looking for a little pillow update they have some decently cute new styles. click here to check them out and shop online...[i wonder if this embroidery trend has hit its peak yet? i sort of hope it hasn't...]




new podcast: area home!


today i'm speaking with anki spets, the designer behind the beautiful linens at area home. inspired by scandinavian traditions and influenced by her modern new york surroundings, anki creates beautiful bedding from her studio on varick street. it was fantastic to see all of her color boards and inspirational clippings laid out- i'm a big fan of area home's use of bold color. they always find a way to take saturated colors and make them seem so subtle and refined. thanks again to anki and yuko for taking the time to set up the podcast. [click here] to listen and here for more information on area home.



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beef design


the website for this company seems to be down but these were too cute to pass up. susan at art esprit spotted these fun knitted traffic cone lamps on hidden art and i had to scoop them up (they're made using recycled sweaters). i'm a sucker for anything knitted these days. click here for (a bit) more info.


ivana helsinki


i love this new tray by ivana helinki at peek keep. all the fun of ivana's patterns in an affordable, fun little accessory. $30 right here.




i was finishing some work for the inquirer this morning and loaded the anthropologie home page for some product info. swoon. the colors were too pretty to ignore. i'm finally getting my color sense back (i seem to have been unable to find a color that i love for almost an entire year) and have been clipping little bits of fashion magazines and websites for inspiration. that green wall behind the model is too, too cool. click here for a bigger view. [i wonder how time consuming it would be to paint my tiny bathroom in shades of green like that...]


rachel salomon


every tuesday night i sit, glued to the laptop, waiting for the new tiny showcase print to pop up. i haven't been in love with the last few weeks' options but i jumped on this week's design instantly. this beautiful print by rachel salomon uses such nice fall colors and is only $20. i love the little pop of white in the car at the bottom. click here to order before they're all sold out.

[i'm posting everything early this morning, so i apologize for the lack of time in between posts. one of my best friends is in town from amsterdam so i have to head bbb to pick up an air mattress, sheets and pillows before he gets here]


garden vista notes


i'm loving these notecards at broadway paper. i'm nuts about the blue color in the background and the vintage-style pattern. perfect for sending a little holiday hello. click here for more info and to shop ($13 for a set of 6)




d*s reader leah emailed these fun "paintings" yesterday. made from dog food (yes, dog food), they're a spin on a beloved modern artist and perfect for the animal lover or pet owner in your family. click here for more info


dwell sample sale


dwell is having a sample sale this thursday through sunday, november 12. stop by the shop for 40-50% off of retail prices on dwell and dwellbaby patterns. they'll be open every day from 11am to 7:30pm at 62 greene street (between spring and broome). happy discount shopping!



erin castellan


my wonderful risd tour guide (and talented artist) heather guidero sent me a link to artist erin castellan. i was really taken with her paintings, some of which include details like stitching. i've been on the lookout for a really beautiful painting lately and these are definitely in the right direction. erin graduated from risd and now makes beautiful knitted hats along with these paintings and a collection of sketches. you can view erin's work right here and inquire about work via email. enjoy! (heather is having a trunk show to debut her fall 2006 line of jewelry so if you're in providence this weekend stop by- october 28 from 5-8 at relish: 377 broadway, 401-273-8883)

i'm out for the afternoon so here are some fun links for today:


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